Friday, March 20, 2009

Twice as nice!

Cake decorating with a two-year old?!? Yes, my daughter is now two and presenting new challenges for me in this cake decorating endeavor. She knows what cake is all about and eagerly dug in when I presented her with this Winnie the Pooh cake for her birthday! She loved the filling the best - vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream - yummo! The cake was chocolate and I made the fondant out of marshmallows. If you hate fondant, give the marshmallows a chance! It is better (in my humble opinion) than that ready-made stuff in taste and texture. I painted the fondant with food coloring diluted with vodka. (Don't worry - the vodka evaporates. No drunken toddlers here!) I tried to make a fondant bow for the package, but it looked too big and bulky and I eventually decided on the real wasn't edible, but oh well. Just looking at this cake makes me want to go make another one....Mmm....cake!