Friday, April 3, 2009

Hooray for Refunds....Boo to Duncan Hines!

Our accountants worked hard this year and got us a big tax refund. So, the day before we were to go up and sign the taxes, I decided I should make them a cake. I browsed Cake Central for ideas and decided a calculator would be easy to do! This cake is a 9x13 that I carved/built up to create the shape. I used a Duncan Hines fudge marble mix and doctored it with sour cream and irish cream flavored coffee creamer. A word of advice...if ever you are doing WASC (stands for white almond sour cream cake, but cakesters use it for any sour cream doctored mix) do NOT use Duncan Hines! I tried this twice with the same results - it falls while baking! I have used other mixes with success, so I am guessing it is the mix that failed me. It was still tasty though, and luckily I was carving some cake away, so it all worked out. I torted the cake and filled it with chocolate ganache, refrigerated, and carved. I did a crumb coat of vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream and covered that with marshmallow fondant. The buttons are marshmallow fondant and all the letters and numbers are piped on with royal icing. I tasted the cake scraps and it tasted heavenly...I hope the accountants liked it!!!