Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Light and Dark

Last week I ended up doing two cakes. One was a black cake with "dead roses" for a fortieth birthday and the other was a stacked Easter cake with lilies.

The fortieth cake was half white cake, half chocolate cake with a 6" round topper done half and half to match. The little round topper was filled with cookies 'n' cream buttercream and the rest was filled with vanilla. The black icing was flavored chocolate. I need to work on my shell border...it really did not turn out well on this cake! I checked out Toba Garrett's book from the library to work on my cake skills.

The Easter cake was my first attempt at stacking a cake. Although I had some problems, I was pleased with the cake overall. I made gumpaste lilies for the cake and thought they turned out very nice! The top tier was strawberry cake with cream cheese buttercream and fresh strawberry filling. The bottom tier was white chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling. I got to eat this cake and it was super yummy! Hope you all had a blessed happy Easter!!!